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Patron Saint of Simon Welsh Poetry!
Six thousand pounds is the outright cost for producing either Magic Happens or All Hail the 21st century.  Patronage at this level is unusual but not unheard of.  So if you are reading this, you may wish to patronise one full printing project.

If you patronise Simon Welsh poetry at this level you will recieve 50 stock copies from the project that you can give away to friends (signed and personally dedicated to the person(s) of your choice, and your name, photograph and a little description of you (approved by you, of course) will be added to the final pages of the printrun artwork prior to the book's release.   There will also be a note to say that you have outright funded this particular edition of the book with your patronage.

You will have 2 places guaranteed in pre reserved seats at every Simon Welsh Poetry show, forever (not withstanding festivals and events run by other people).

You will also, of course, receive everything else that patrons receive.

(easiest for you)
If you would like to make your contribution using Paypal (you don't have to set up your own paypal account to do this) please click on the 'download now' link.

(more cost effective for me)
If you wish to make a transfer directly into the Simon Welsh Poetry fund, please click here.
Price: £6000.00
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